2020-2021 ASC Student Supercomputer

Challenge (ASC20-21)

Call for Participation!


Dear old and new friends of ASC:

As you may know, the 2020 and 2021 ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge are merged into one competition. The ASC Committee is now excited to announce the official launch of this new season of ASC20-21. Worldwide college students and teachers are invited to join us in this worlds largest and most fierce supercomputing hackathon. Please register HERE: http://www.asc-events.org/ASC20-21/Register.php

Initiated in Asia, ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge (ASC) is now the world's largest supercomputing hackathon. The ASC Challenge aims to promote international exchanges and training of supercomputing talents from all over the world, inspire new developments in supercomputing application research, boost the technological driving force of supercomputing and promote industrial innovation.

Since inception in 2012, in 8 years of superb growth ASC Challenge has increased steadily its influence across the globe. Today, it sets a new attendance record with 8,500+ student challengers from 1700+ power teams, vying for top prizes on ASC arena.


ASC20-21 will be co-hosted by Asia Supercomputer Community, Inspur Group and SUSTech. Please find below the detailed timeline of ASC20-21, and often visit the ASC website for frequent updates.


ASC20-21 Important Dates and Details


Basic Rules

           All universities are invited to join in ASC20-21 with several teams

           A team has 5 undergrads and 1 instructor; Original ASC20 teams can readjust team members according to the actual situation and need to renew the registration



Sep 8, 2020 -

Nov 15, 2020

Register at: http://www.asc-events.org/ASC20-21/Register.php

A confirmation letter will be sent to ASC team within 3 days after registration.



Nov 16, 2020 –

Jan 8, 2021

Each team should submit a proposal, which includes the results and application code optimization. The ASC Evaluation Committee will review the preliminary proposals and determine the top 20 finalists

Final Competition

May 8-12, 2021

Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China

The 20 finalists will design and build their clusters on site, run HPC benchmarks, optimize applications and present their results to ASC Evaluation Committee


1. Benchmark test

2. Application tasks: tweak and tune several defined applications. The experts from ASC Evaluation Committee will provide instance on site

3. e Prize task: tweak and tune a selected application

4. Presentation

Note: All due dates refer to 24:00PM (UTC+8). Inspur group will be the vendor sponsor and provide computing platforms for on-site finalists to build their clusters, but all the teams are permitted to bring extra acceleration cards and network switches at their own risks.


ASC Award Overview

           Group Awards


Silver Winner

First Prize

Winning Prize

           Special Awards

e Prize Award

Highest LINPACK Award

Application Innovation Awards

Group Competition Award

Fan Favorite Award

For more information, please contact ASC Committee via:


Email: info@asc-events.org

Website: www.asc-events.org

Twitter: @ASCHPC




ASC20-21 Committee


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